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Cä†äclysm- Raiding Expectations
Downtime- We really need to be ready to go when raid invites begin to go out
which is between 6:30pm st & 7pm st. So that intails that u not be in group for whatever heroic or just questing that u be prepared(repaired, have w/e flasks that u want for raids or w/e u normally like to have with u for raiding) and ready to go when invited and if u do not accept then you are subject to demotion or g/kick.
Vent issues- VENT IS REQUIRED TO BE IN RAIDS. During raiding everyone needs to be professional on vent it is a requirement to be using push to talk no hot mic’ing using voice activated is unacceptable. Explanations of fights will be short and to the point/direct. We need NOT to be talking about w/e not regarding what we r doing/raiding on vent. Also DO NOT SPEAK OVER EACH OTHER THERE IS ONE RAID LEADER PAY ATTN WHEN BEING INSTRUCTED.
Looting policy- We use the loot council concept the raid leader will link the loot piece by piece in raid warning u need to pay attention. If there is something u want to be replaced u need to link whatever piece of gear u r upgrading after it has been linked in raid warning u will have 20 seconds to link your gear that needs to be upgraded if you fail to do so it will be De’d therefore your loss for not paying attention. As far as deciding who gets what is based on attendance, activity and skill with raiding and guild.
Skill play/following directions- If you r caught doing noob errors over and over again helping the cause to wipe us u will be removed from raid and/or guild. Have some respect for those you raid with and pay attention the less we wipe the cheaper the night is.
Know your class- You all need to take the extra effort in taking the time to research rotations and watch boss fights on research certain specs that reflect your toon. Hook up with your class leaders that’s why they r there if they do not help you let me know and they will no longer be class leaders. There is no exception for anyone to be doing any less then 5.5K DPS in raid. This same thing is applied to healers as well know your class all it takes is a little respect for your fellow guildies we r not here to carry anyone.
Leading by example- Class leaders need to be more proficient in leading the raid and continuing thru the raid. Please reframe from any and all psycho babbling about w/e not pertaining to what we r doing.
Respecting class leaders and higher- There is 0 tolerence for anyone that disrespects any class leader or higher you have been warned. But at the same time they/we r to respect you as well as long as you have earned your respect.
Professions- Everyone needs to level try cooking, fishing and or w/e that can help out during raids we r a team we should not have to depend on just one person to provide flasks and feasts or w/e. Be more helpful to guild in anyway possible.
Gear checks- We will be checking everyone gear before raid to make sure you meet the requirement to raid with the core groups of the guild you need to have a minimal gear score of 5.2k(if u wonder where we get that number from it is a addon) It is very easy now to come by gear run heroics to acquire conquerors gear. For lower geared people the guild will be setting up TOTC/ONY 10/25 Mans on the off raiding days to help with a little more gearing up.

Remember people, this isn't much to ask for, We're a fun guild but when its time to start progressing, its time to get to work! All we ask is that you you're part and we'll help with the rest!

Thank you, Muufassa

Raid Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm to 11pm server time.
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